Some esteemed clients we have served

Over the years, we have had the fortune to serve some esteemed clients and we have been fortunate to retain some of them and continue to work relentlessly to improve their businesses. We have provided specialised services to each of client suited to their specific needs.

Network For Promotion of Asian Cinema

NetpacAsia needed an overhaul of their archaic portal to address the new audience as well as retain the existing archive of information. We gave them an efficient portal built on Tiki Wiki CMS system to manage all their tasks on one place. Enabling NetpacAsia with internal communication systems as well as easier methods to manage their social presence has been a very rewarding journey. We continue to support them in online as well as offline activities and we are proud to be associated with NetpacAsia.

The Makeup Lounge

The Make-Up Lounge, an endeavor by Jaspreet Ghai Kapoor to fulfil every woman’s dream to look and feel beautiful. A dream that she saw for herself ever since she was a child. She always enjoyed experimenting with make-up and ready to give all her friends a makeover. While on trips with family she would always be found in the make-up sections trying her hands on every new makeup product.

Cobide helped her arrive at a brand presence and online visibility through a dedicated website. It was a long drawn affair that resulted in construction of a coherent presence that has lead to increased business and opportunities for Jaspreet.

Indian Languages Festival - Samanvay

In 2014, Indian Languages Festival - Samanvay needed a quick web awareness. While their event was under progress, we executed a rapid PPC based SEO campaign, bringing them on the first page of Search results, leading to significant increase in footfall, as well as visibility in the digital domain. We generated more than 45,000 impressions in a matter of 2-3 days for a minimal cost. We hope to serve them in more ways in near future.

Mohammad Ali Jauhar University - Rampur

This prime educational institution in the heart of Rampur City was given the first digital makeover in 2015, when Cobide delivered a moodle based web portal to handle their student database as well as have a strong and contemporary web presence. The website served its purpose of providing a renewed and invigorating outlook to the University as well as giving ease of access to the information. The social channels were also employed and resulted in significant increase in student registrations. They have now moved on to a better system, and continue to prosper.

Projectorhead Film Magazine

Projectorhead is a film magazine based in India publishing some of the best film criticism on films from across the world. We are proud to have associated with it and helped it gain a sustainable and efficient management system in place to help it run with minimal resources. The magazine continues to flourish and gain new readers everyday and we invite you to have a read if you are a film buff too. Built with Processwire CMS, it happens to be one our glorious works that has stood the test of time.

LeCommunique Consultancy

We helped LeCommunique establish a strong web-presence, and have been engaged in helping them refine their implements to increase business efficieny day in and day out. Simplifying their internal communications and helping them offer a pleasant experience on their website is one of the many things we continue to do.

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Wisnes OD Consulting

Wisnes OD consulting is an example of surgical accuracy in our work. The web-presence was strong and delightful and was working fine to the regular visitor, but the url structure was not performing as desired. When links of specific pages were shared, they would not retain the anything beyond the domain name. It was also a problem for a proper SEO implementation as the urls would not translate in fully qualified links. Our experience with javascripting and careful analysis of the code revealed some malignant underwiring. We were able to fix the problem and the client was happy to have it working just as needed. We continue to help them in such special circumstances.

The Golden Tusk Resort

The Golden Tusk is a pristine property located near the Jim Corbett reserves. We helped them have a relevant web-presence, along with rescuing their age-old website and helping them fight a lot of spam and virus attacks. The Golden Tusk was suffering from the worst kind of Pharma hacks around. We managed to not just get rid of the multiple hacks, but also ward them off for good. They are now having a great time with the reviews they receive from their patrons about the renewed digital presence.

Silver Lune Urbe - Modern Township

The Silver Lune Urbe is a modern township near Meerut that came up in 2014. Cobide helped Silver Lune Urbe in getting the right system in place to attract its buyers via the digital channels. For a real estate project, the beginning was rough but soon it became comfortable. The township is now managed internally by a carefully selected design and IT team, we are glad to have played a significant role in their success.

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