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Cobide started in 2012 to cogitate on Contemporary Business Ideas. Our clients include new age businesses that are engaged in groundbreaking initiatives. We believe in taking an idea from inception and transforming it into a reality, helping our clients to realise their true business potential. Cobide is a team of engineers, designers, planners, creative professionals and business experts who deliver on all your needs right from the start of your business. Cobide has active experiments in Commercial & Community Radio, Web, Mobile Applications & Interaction Design, Internet of Things, Branding and Cinema.


Cobide is very selective in choosing the projects that it spends its time and resources on. We believe that in order to perform well, we need to belive in the product. Therefore, our team undertakes a careful SWOT analysis of your business and product to understand the motivations behind. Once we believe in your story, we put in all our efforts to get you ahead of the competition. To quote the father of soft-selling

Work for a client whose product or service you are proud of!

Our speciality

Cobide presents you with an array of services designed to take you off the ground. Our range of services include:

  • Commercial & Community Radio Licensing
  • Studio, Broadcasting and Radio Transmission Setup
  • Technology Enhancement using Web, IOT & Mobile Applications
  • Intelligent Interaction Design using Raspberry Pi, Android and Arduino
  • Business Identity & Brand Design
  • Brand Promotions
  • Promotional Films & Product Photography

We can help you take the leap!

We are a bunch of young talents ready to help you take the plunge, giving you true control over all aspects of your business! A new website or a new functional tool, or a whole new vertical, we would be happy to help you in giving shape to your dreams.

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